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KCSEC Service Recognition 2015-2016

10 Years – Cross Pen 15 Years – Cross Pen and Pencil  20 years – Crystal Apple
Jessica Roberts Linda Andrews    Amy Lee                 
Sandra Aktabowski Lara Biltgen-Morrisette    Dina Schnable      
Victoria Berg Patti Doyle          Mariana Ziech  
Margaret Bloome Mary Dwyer       
Rhonda Cochran Emma Harrison    25 Years – Crystal Apple
Stephanie Coit Cynthia Henkel    Kay Ariano    
Jennifer Dickson Kelley Henrichs    Janet Jones     
Melissa Grove Kurt Holubetz   Jeanne Leifheit   
Caletha Hale Michele Sanchez      Nancy Nelson
Andrea Hausser Virginia St. Clair      Lynda Shanks
Brianne Kalusniak Kathy Wilson   30 Years – Crystal Apple
Kimberly Larson   Jo Fouts
Debra Malinowski   35 Years – Crystal Apple
Amy McMahill   Ruth Hanson Hale
Nyah Meyers-Schaefer   Nancy Yaros
Rebecca Misicka    
Ann Neville    
Heidi Nguyen    
Jill Oldenburg    
Andrea Praught    
Kathy Ramsay    
Catalina Rauch    
Teresita Skiba    
Patricia Sonne    
Kristin Still    


Lynne Anderson
Linda Chally
Denise Duggan
Jo Fouts
Linda Hooper
Peggy Holdiman
Janet Jones
Melissa Kania
Kim McCauley
Linda Morel
Melinda Neumann
Susan Schumann
Sandy Waclaw
Joanne Wilkins
Marianne Ziech


About Us

Welcome to Kendall County Special Education Cooperative.  KCSEC is an organization devoted to providing quality special education services to the students of Kendall County which is governed by the KCSEC Governing Board.  The Cooperative is composed of 6 school districts: Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, Newark Grade School, Newark High School and Lisbon.   The Governing Board includes one representative from each member district including the Regional Office of Education for Kendall County.  KCSEC offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of all of our students with disabilities.  KCSEC develops partnerships with parents, businesses and community resources in order to guarantee students will learn the academic, vocational and social skills necessary to achieve his/her individual potential in order to function as independent, productive adults in their homes and communities. 


KCSEC believes that all students can learn.  KCSEC provides students with disabilities with equal access to general education programs and facilities.  Decisions regarding programs and placement are based on what is best for the student and provided within the local community whenever possible.  Special education students are taught in the least restrictive environment by qualified staff utilizing individual methods and materials which reflect best practices.  Diagnostic and support services should be made available to students in a manner which is non-discriminatory and recognizes the individual needs and differences of children their families, their culture, and the community in which they live.


KCSEC believes staff and administrators should grow both personally and professionally and believes that all should encourage and acknowledge creative teaching and program development, research, diagnostics, and delivery of related services.