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KCSEC Governing Board Members

KCSEC Governing Board Members

The KCSEC Governing Board provides special education services by joint agreement within a system that demonstrates shared responsibility and equitable distribution of resources among the member districts while respecting geographic, socio-economic and cultural differences of each community. Partnerships with parents, business and industry, community resources, and staff are developed in order to guarantee special education students will learn the academic, vocational and social skills necessary to achieve their individual potential in order to function as independent, productive adults in their homes and communities. KCSEC believes that all students can learn. We provide special education students with equal access to general education programs and facilities. Decisions regarding programs and placement are determined by the IEP Team and provided within the local community whenever possible. Special education students are taught in the least restrictive environment by qualified staff utilizing individualized methods and materials which reflect best practices. Diagnostic and support services are made available to students in a manner which is non discriminatory and recognizes the individual needs and differences of Students, their families, their culture, and the community in which they live. KCSEC believes staff and administrators should grow both personally and professionally and believes that they should encourage and acknowledge creative teaching and program development, research, diagnostics, and delivery of related services.


The Governing Board is made up of the following members:
Christopher Mehochko Michelle Senffner
Regional Superintendent Assistant Regional Superintendent
Regional Office of Education Regional Office of Education
109 West Ridge Steet 109 West Ridge Street
Yorkville, IL 60560 Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 553-4168 (ofc) (630) 553-4168 (ofc)
Dr. Matthew Wendt Dr. Judith Minor
Superintendent Asst. Supt. For Teaching/Learning
Oswego School Distrcit #308 Oswego School District #308
4175 Route 71 4175 Route 71
Oswego, IL 60543 Oswego, IL 60543
(630) 636-3080 (ofc) (630) 636-3080 (ofc)
  Voting Member
Mr. Tim Shimp Amy Smith
Superintendent Superintendent
Yorkville School District #115 Newark High School District # 18
602 Center Parkway, Suite A 413 Chicago Road
Yorkville, IL 60560  Newark, IL 60541
(630) 553-4382 (ofc) (815) 695-5164 (ofc)
Voting Member Voting Member
Dr.  Diane Cepela Dr. Hector Garcia
Superintendent Superintendent
Newark Grade School District #66 Plano School District #88
503 Chicago Road 800 S. Hale Street
Newark, IL 60541 Plano, IL 60545
(815) 695-5143 (ofc) (630) 552-8978 (ofc)
Voting Member Voting Member
Michael Rustman Lynda Shanks
Superintendent Director
Lisbon Grade School District #90 Kendall County Special Education Cooperative
127 South Canal Street 201 Garden St.
Newark, IL 60541 Yorkville, IL 60560
(815) 736-6324 (ofc) 630-553-5833 (ofc)
Voting Member